U-haul Information

Moving to or from Ellensburg, WA? Dean’s Towing has U-Haul trucks, pickups, cargo vans & trailers that are designed to move families and not just freight. Our trucks, pickups, cargo vans & trailers have more safety features than anyone in the industry. We are the home of the $19.95 truck! Click on the Uhaul picture to make your reservation and get rates! We are the ONLY U-haul dealer in Ellensburg.

Moving supplies
A complete line of moving supplies for the do-it-yourself mover in Ellensburg, WA. U-Haul moving boxes are specifically designed to make packing and loading easier. We can meet all of your needs, whether it’s boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap or any other packing material, U-Haul can help. We offer free shipping to Ellensburg, WA or anywhere else in the continental U.S. on all orders over $25, or choose in-store pickup for same day service!

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