About us


Dean came to our rescue when my Dad & Mom got a flat on their 38′ Montana Keystone 5th wheel. Yes, on Saturday at 5:30pm on…ready for this, the drivers side!!! Dean showed up and fixed the flat very quickly under the circumstances. We are greatful for a business owner that will still come to the rescue after hours andwithout attitude…we thank you profusely and honestly with that we could talk to someone about getting you a raise :)

….Dean & his crew know their stuff. Turns out lots of people break down in Ellensburg, so they have lots of experience working on every possible problem in every possible make & model.

They fixed the water pump, timing belt, and thermostat in 2 days.

If you’re in Ellensburg, call Dean’s Towing for emergencies. You can also drive over to Dean’s Auto Service when you notice something wonky with your car. They’re right across the street from the Starbucks on Canyon Road (main rest area strip off the freeway). Towing is available 24 hours, the shop is open M-F 8-5.

I got friendly, honest, fast, and accurate service at a good price. Thanks, Dean!